Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rocket Popsicles | Flies For Auction

I was recently asked to tie 36 flies for an auction later this month. There was one stipulation, the flies had to be red, white, and blue. I flipped through my mental library of patterns and thought of chernobyl ants, hoppers, sucker spawn, clousers, and curly tail bunnies. I then thought of popsicles. A relatively easy pattern to tie, consisting of three ingredients. One red, one white, and one blue marabou stems. The idea was to make them look like the popsicles you get for highway robery down on the National Mall.

I stopped by the fly shops across two states to procure the materials. I was not satisfied with the first shop's feather quality or inventory. I then stopped at Urban Angler and found what I needed. I took all the red, white, and blue blood quill marabou feathers off the wall and examined each pack. A fly of this quality had to have the best ingredients. Just as you would or should examine each head of garlic, tater spud, and lemon at the corn store or farmers market. I got the materials and red Danville 210 denier waxed fly master thread.

I started about two weeks ago and just got to finishing them. My tying table and guest room/office look like Superman chundered and Uncle Sam farted.

Here are the flies. They are going to the post office later today. I will have more on the charity auction when I receive more information.


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