Friday, September 24, 2010

Recent Trip Photos | Peace In The Mid East Via Fly Fishing

Recently the fish have been as big as the Washington Monument.
 Seriously, no camera trick or angles here. That fish is the size of the Washington Monument. A new record for smallest fish taken on a fly.

I met a couple in town for Mid East peace work. They wanted to wet a line and I obliged. They had fun and took some pictures with their nicer camera gear. I hope to get an e-mail with their pictures after they go to NYC and out west.
She caught a fish in probably 3 minutes. I'm not sure what type of fishing one can do in Palestine but I'm sure if  you can fish there, fly fishing would work just as well.

The striper fishing has slowed down in the past week. Could be the time of tides and the full moon. I'll keep going out and fishing for them so you can sleep soundly at night knowing someone is out there watching their feeding habits.

Nothing huge so far. The schoolies are mostly 6"-10" range but they put up a fight. They stink too. Real fish stench to them. They are very pretty though, perfect black and silvery sides. Maybe I can get someone to airbrush the side of my boat with a mural of their scales.We have been throwing 10' rods for stripers as there are trees behind us and roll casting is the only way to get the fly out to the breaking fish.

This morning marked the last shore fishing for a group of 2 for Lake Audubon. From now on its going to be casting from the boat. Mary caught this bass and wanted me to pose in the picture. That shirt is very red. 

 The underwater release of her fish.

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