Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Pumpkinseed as defined on wikipedia

If you have been reading this blog all season or go back several months, you will notice how much I fish Lake Audubon with clients. We catch all sorts of bass and sunfish and even a carp. Until last week no client had landed a pumpkinseed. I was starting to think they were gone from the lake. Their beautiful colors of turquoise, oranges, and black compliment their size and strength. One of the hardest fighting fish on the lake.

It was not until last week that we caught our first pumpkinseed. The client's rod bend double and the line sliced through the water. I was sure it was a monster bass. Negative. A big pumpkinseed.

Since that night every client on the lake has caught pumpkinseeds. I am not quiet sure what turned them on all of a sudden. Was it the end of the dredging? Cooler air temps? Lack of rain? I am not sure but I won't complain.

Here are some pics from last week and over the weekend.


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