Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nymphing Maniacs

I'm exhausted. 20+ clients in 3 days out in the sunshine. Wet wading is tapering off now that the nights are cooler and the Potomac is getting chilly. We are fishing more from shore. I am becoming less a fan of fishing at Fletchers from shore due to the lack of current. The water is calm enough that clients have been able to walk on it. I am hoping the drift boat deal goes through soon as we can leave shore and start fishing open water.

We have been fishing a dry-dropper rig with a lot of success. First time casters have been hooking and landing fish. I'm going to call them nymphing maniacs as 90% of the fish have been taken on a dropper. We have fished holy grails, pheasant tails, soft hackles, scuds, brassies, and of course damsels. Some of the hooks have been down to size 20. Don't be suprised when a fish takes fly that is as big as two dashes --. For those of you not familiar with the terminology, a nymph is a sub-surface fly that represents the larval version of an insect.

Here is a group shot from Sunday out in Reston. The ladies had lots of bites and one fish was lost at shore. The sun was bright and the water was covered with pollen. Conditions were tough.

The afternoon got better. Two clients out in boats. One in the canoe, one in the kayak. Below is a HUGE sunfish.
And then there was the sunfish that took the scorpion bug and a bass that took the damsel dropper. Two flies = two fish. That was awesome.
A quality sized largemouth bass on a 6wt rod. 

Yesterday had me out in the wind. Paddling a canoe was made easier by the help of the wind. We pretended the overhanging branches were mangroves and the bass were snook. We saw a pair wood ducks (the first I have ever seen in the wild) while in Reston. There was an osprey feasting on a fish on a branch. The crows were harassing the osprey to drop its catch. The black bellied whistler is still hanging out with the mallards. There is a guy feeding the ducks so the bird seems to like it here. I wonder if it will stick around for the winter.

After the paddling we went to sore, stretched our legs and worked on double hauling and shooting line.


Here is a great find. A nice juicy leech in the Potomac. Lots of birds on the river too. The egrets are still around and I am astonished to see them. I have fished the Potomac my entire life and never seen them on the river.


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