Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Big Bass Today Meant Nothing

I returned to Little Hunting Creek today to find some snakeheads. I applied the newly gained knowledge from last week. Fish the changing tides against the banks and shore where there is cover.

I am still amazed at the amount of egrets on the Potomac this year. I have never seen an egret on the water until this year. I put the kayak in along the GW Parkway and paddled toward the creek. The tide was going in so I had a free ride.

I threw my line under some overhanging trees and my fly went under. Excitement rushed through my veins as I thought I had a snakehead on the end of my rod. To much dissatisfaction it was a big largemouth bass. Now on most days I would be stoked to catch a bass this big but I wanted a snakehead. I would compare it to catching a whitefish out west when fishing for trout. I also caught a nice pumpkinseed.

I had to get home to make a cauldron of chicken stock so I could not go all the way up the creek. I ended up having to paddle against the current and into the wind on the way out. It was about 40 minutes of constant paddling to get me to the car.

As for guided trips, this week had some chilly mornings at Riverbend Park. The SAV have gone into full growth that past week and the fish are hiding in their masses. The blue-tailed skink was chilled enough to allow me to finally photograph him after a summer of him running away from me. 
I am rather pleased with the quality of the picture. Props to my Olympus camera. 

In addition to the cormorants, bald eagles, ospreys, red-tailed hawks, and the obnoxious geese, we were guests to a few deer.

The young deer and mother came down to get a drink. They were just a hundred or so yards upstream from us. They appeared to feel trapped between the river and people walking on the trail. They freaked out and were jumping all over the riverbank and kicking in the air. After a brief moment of this they were gone.

And for the second time this year a fish was caught that went through the surgeons loop used to connect tippet to fly.


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