Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Round Up

I'm starting to think I should rename the Snakehead fish as the Skunkhead fish. I keep getting skunked.
I started out early with the kayak at Belle Haven Marina and moved down to Dyke Marsh. I put the yak in and headed down stream. There were a few bass boats out there and I was jealous of their spacious deck and trolling motors.

I found the aquatic vegetation grew out about 10' from the bank and then dropped off. I was going to work that drop off. I worked a cove and had a snakehead bust the surface just behind me. Mocking me they were. How dare they. A guy on the bass boat pulled in a fish. Not sure what it was. They had spin and fly gear.

I paddled and drifted down to get out of their way and give them space. Lots of  birds, herons, egrets, ospsrey, and duck. I have never seen that many great egrets in one place outside of Florida. There is  flock of them in the center of this image, bright white birds, against a pale sky, and white clouds. Good luck.

Paddle -> cast -> drift -> paddle -> cast etc etc etc. Nothing. I spot a volunteer picking up garbage on the edge of the marsh and his kayak has about 4 full lawn size bags on top. Props to him. I go further downstream and the wind is pushing me with the current. Not realizing there is a feeder stream to the marsh just down stream, I decide to paddle back up and work the section where the snakehead jumped.

I haul arse up stream and get my cardio in for the day. I drop anchor and work and work and work that cove. Top water, streamers, no luck. A few more snakeheads bust the surface. I decide to work the boats and slips upstream. I cast -> drift -> paddle ->etc and no luck. I paddle through a no fishing zone and of course a snakehead jumps. Tease!

Enough of this, I pack up and head to Gravelly Point. I fish the outgoing tide by the runway. Its loud. The planes are so loud the kayak vibrates. I drop anchor and get a better perspective of this spot. The whole channel is about 4' deep and the bottom is clean. Very few plants, lots of clam shells and gravel. A few fish bust the surface. I throw scorpion bug and damsel dropper to the far bank, and work them across the current.

I get a tug and pull in a cute little bass. This is what I call a 'fishtank fish' the kind I would want in a fish tank if ever I get another ( I had 2 in my classroom as a biology teacher).

A guy with spin tackle is working the outlet and we chat over the noise. He caught a huge bass earlier on a crank bait. I keep working and get this guy.
I fish a bit more as the current of the dropping tide increases. Wish I had my 2 handed rod as I have now been casting for 5 hours straight. Five hours? Cripes, I have to get home and work. I pull anchor and get back to the car and head home to work.

A few hours later THW and the mother in lawsky (MIL) come home. MIL and THW have been out at the National Harbor all day. I was hoping they would bring me a Banh Mi from Eden Center at the airport earlier.

They never went to Eden Center so I was eating lunch at home. I finished up work and was invited to a happy hour for THW's co worker who is retiring. Their office has a deal where you provide an open bar happy hour for office when you leave. I hope she never leaves for my wallet's sake. We get to Piola just after 5pm. I'm being a bad boy now. Eats and drinks. I get some Stella and dive into the free food.

Pizza with Brazilian cheese

I'm am supposed to make a dinner of guacamole, fresh greens from 'garden', and pesto tonight for THW and MIL. We eat too much at Piola. With food like this there is no self control.
We head home and Decker arrives to join us for a sundowner on the side of the golf course. We put a bottle of white on the table and a damselfly lands on it.

Saturday morning found me at the computer instead of out on the water working. I got a podcast up, Series 01 Episode 10, That's One Nice Piece of Bass.

I also managed to get my Yelp and Yahoo Local listings up. You can now take a look at former client ratings and rate your experience for others and future clients.

Sunday found me out in Reston at the parent's house for brunch. I would rather have been working. Is everyone on vacation this week? I picked up my travel rod tubes from the garage. Aparently the mice that ate my float tube after they nested in it decided to store their bird seed cache in my rod tubes. 

We stopped off at the Russian Gourmet and MIL bought me some kasha, mustard, and pickles. We dropped her off at the airport and returned home to end the weekend on the sofa, relaxing, and then gearing up for the trip to the Vineyard.


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