Monday, August 2, 2010

Shout Out To The Master - Kip Martin

"Kip Martin" is his name. He grew up fly fishing the Pa streams (Letort, Falling Springs, Yellow Breeches) etc. He lived down the street in Reston and would ride his bike to Lake Audubon with his fly rod and fish on Saturday mornings. My bro started to fly fish with him and ended up getting his own rod.

Kip used the tailwater from the lake to learn to stream fish too. That little creek was great to fish and then apply those skills to trout water. He would show us the huge catfish that lived back there in the shallows. 

My dad would take the three of us to the Shenandoah River to fish for smallies. Andrew (bro) and "Kip" would wade out and fish and I was smaller and fished near shore. This was the late 80's. Kip used to stay with us when his parents were out of town. He would eat a whole box of cereal and a gallon of milk every day for breakfast.

I once asked my bro if I could take his rod down to the lake to use it. He approved and I walked out the door and promptly closed the door on the rod tip. He said I could keep the rod if I wanted and I got it fixed. That rod and hanging out with Kip Martin is what got me to where I am today. He was my fly fishing Jedi.

Back to Kip. So now I had a fly rod and no flies. Kip used to tie me flies in his basement. Black leeches from what I remember. I attribute the direction my life has taken to Kip. I was recently at an event and made the comment that I did not know what my life would be like with out fly fishing. One more good thing bout Kip was he didn't beat the tar out of me as bad as my brother's other friends. I guess we were closer as I used to have to sit on his lap in the old '81 Honda accord when the car was full and my bro was driving everyone home from school on Friday's.

Kip and I fished a bit through highschool and in college at a friend's cabin in West Virginia. He came in late one night from West Point and we got up before everyone and hit the river in a canoe. Red eye bass on black leeches. We have kept in touch via e-mail over the years about fishing the Yellow Breeches and the monster brown he once took on a dry during the white fly hatch.

We got to fish together before a wedding in Colorado back in '03. Both married by then, how we have grown up. This was July and we were fishing fresh snow melt. I have no idea how Kip fished this with out waders. We had a great day working the banks of the river for rainbows and partying at night as we ascended Keystone resort's gondola's for the reception on top.

I got an e-mail from the master the other day. Turns out he had a chance to go out for redfish and landed one. Here is a shout out to Jedi Kip and his redfish.

I am not sure what impresses me more in this photo " Got 4 ladyfish and got this 22 incher". The fact that Kip has a beautiful redfish or that he is in the same shape as he was back in the day. None of us look this good after college. 


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