Monday, August 23, 2010

Recent Trip Photos

 We had a 'cracking good time' at the Tidal Basin before I left for MV. I met Paul and his son right after that huge morning thunderstorm came through. The storm they are still talking about on WTOP. We had an incoming tide plus all of the rainwater. We fished for just over 2 hours along the Basin. We were hoping for some bass in the multi-pound range and a snakehead but only got some little ones. The rising water and lack of clarity played a roll, and the water was splashing over the walkway on our way out. Paul's son got 'plenty of nibblers' on his line and managed to land a few nice sunfish. Here are some of the images.

More recent, wet wading Riverbend Park in the late afternoon of last Friday. Lots of sunfish but no smallies. We worked deep water with Will and George's crazy looking flies and did not drag up any monsters. Scorpion bugs brought the most fish to the surface. This is a reminder to wear closed toe shoes while wet wading. We went in the water with 30 toe nails and came back with 29.

 Saturday morning had two trips to Holmes Run. This is a small stream that is formed by the water spilling over the Lake Barcroft dam. The section is stocked bi-annually with trout between Columbia Pike and Beauregard St. The water was swimming pool clear and very low. Grasshoppers, crickets, and cicadas were abundant and their mating calls filled the air. This was the first fly fishing experience for some. Sunfish aggressively took foam hoppers, ants, and beetles.

Just imagine if sunfish grew to 3-4lbs lbs. They would be the ultimate species to target on a fly rod.
We took out the seine and nets and did a quick sample of the aquatic invertebrate. We flipped rocks in the riffles and below little waterfalls. The stream was full of caddis and planaria. We found several round worms and one small helgramite and one HUGE helgramite.
 It was nice to fish the shade with ankles in the water. The weather was hot and there was not much of a breeze down in the woods. We fished our way back to the cars and found this 2' long eel that someone caught and killed. The unfortunate fate of a fish that someone did not appreciate. It was strung up and left for the ants and flies.

 The afternoon found me on the Shenandoah River. I met my clients around 5:45 and we headed to the river for some 'hard core wet-wading". We crossed the river anywhere from ankle deep riffles to having to swim across pools where our feet did not touch the bottom. We dredged those deep holes with weighted buggers and nymphs to no avail. Big and small scorpion bugs brought dozens of fish to the surface but only a few were hooked. One really nice sized smallie was lost.

Fish were jumping and splashing more often as the sun went down. We fished 'the staircase' which is a section of river where the elevation drops and layers of rock are exposed across the river. Each section of exposed rock creates plunge pools and pocket water where the fish hang out.

We fished down and across the river until dusk reminded us that the parking lot closed at dark. We did not want to get stuck out there in a locked parking lot. I planned to stop at a nearby gas station to see what bugs were congregating around the lights but I was tired. It was 8:30ish by the time I got to my car and I had been out on the water since 7:45am. I can't remember the last time I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


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