Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Feet Hurt

If I knew I was going to walk 7 miles today I would have been more prepared. I had no snacks, water, sunscreen, and I was wearing a cotton shirt. Ick.

The car had to be dropped off at the body shop around 0800 in Virginia Square. Dropped THW off at her office too. I walked to Orvis in Clarendon to interview the fishing manager for a podcast. From there I walked to William Sonoma to buy a new Rikon Original 4-Inch Swiss Peeler, White. From there it was off to Rosslyn to have lunch with THW. She had some old frozen food in the freezer that I ate. It was mushy but food.

From Rosslyn I crossed the Key Bridge into Georgetown. I walked down to the canal to scope out
 the water for fishing. Boy was I surprised at what I found.

The water was pool water clear. I could see all sorts of sunfish and channel cats along the bottom. They were moving in and out of the weed beds. The weeds were really thick and a moderate current was flowing on the south side. Which is why this contraption was coming toward me. It was some sort of park service weed eating machine. There were Edward Scissor-hands like contraptions on the sides of the thing that sliced the plants and a conveyor belt dumped it into a holding bin. Up the canal it went and everyone took out their smart phones and took pictures. I could see carp swimming to get away from it and decided to follow them and get ahead of the weed eating monster.

 The water was extremely clear in front of the weed monster. This is when I really, really, really, and yes, really wish I had my gear. I could be sight casting to these fish while my car sits in a parking lot waiting to be serviced. Instead I took pictures. I even put my cheap polarized sunglasses over the camera lens to try and break the glare from the water. It was hot enough that I wanted to go in with the fish. I had just walked 3.5 miles.

My destination now was the Patagonia store in Georgetown. I wanted to look at some of the soft goods. Along the way I spotted these carp cruising. What I wouldn't do for my switch rod and a fat bellied line and a few nymphs! These guys were about 22" long and were solid. They were not afraid of me either. Which I should take advantage of with a fly rod in a day or so if I do not have any clients.

They got close enough for me to get a blurry image too. I decided to stop freaking out the people on their lunch break with my strange fascination with the fish. I hit up the Patagonia store and was tempted to get a Patagonia Men Capilene 3 Long Underwear Crew Shirt  just to get rid of the sweaty cotton shirt I was wearing. My time was up and I now had to hike back uphill through Georgetown, across the Potomac, up Wilson Blvd through Rosslyn, Courthouse, Clarendon, and to Virginia Square. By now the knees were hurting a bit and the heat was getting to me.

My car was just getting worked on so I drank some water and enjoyed the cool air in the store. I was out the door by 2:50 and on home to walk the hound. And this is further reason why I love my phone so much. I was able to snap a pic of some mating cicadas on the sidewalk. Something I have not seen that often.

I was able to photograph them just long enough to prevent the unruly hound from eating them. He lunged at them and they were stuck together so hard that when they separated, the abdomen of one of them broke off. It was still alive for the meantime and was crawling on me as I took this creepy image.

And to finish off the day, we found a northern flicker feather on the ground. The black and yellow will surely make a cool tail on a stonefly pattern. Now that I have settled in and written all of this, its time to make some chili in the crock-pot and start uploading and editing today's podcast interview.


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