Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things I Like -Buff Angler Glove

Buff Angler Glove

These have more benefits than just sun protection. I like them for that since my hands are pretty gnarly from years of being exposed to the elements, having an autoimmune disease, and recently falling and landing on my little finger.

If  you do not have a pair of these you should go pick some up. Use them for any outdoor activity from driving, gardening, boating, reading, playing corn hole etc.  I have worn similar from Orvis and R.E.I. and these are by far the best. Around $40.00.

  • The glove protect me from mosquitoes. They can't get through the material. Bonus
  • The palms are protected so I can paddle all day with out getting callouses on my hands. Bonus
  • The palms are protected so I can pull my canoe from parents house to lake with out getting blisters. Bonus
  • The over fingernail hook to remove them is well thought out. Bonus
  • My fingers are protected from stripping in line. No more duct tape. Bonus
  • My fingers are protected from outgoing line if and when I catch the big one. Bonus
  • They come in a funky color/pattern to match my personality. Bonus
  • They protect me from the sun and grip the steering wheel when driving. Bonus.

From Their Website
Buff Angler Glove

Angler Glove
Buff Angler Gloves Pro-Series Angler Gloves, you'll never fish without them again. Every detail thoughtfully engineered for dexterity, comfort and the ultimate in Ultra Violet protection.
Ultraviolet Protection Factor(UPF):
Features & Benefits:
  1. UPF 50+. Breathable, moisture wicking, 2-way Comfort Stretch for lateral movement.
  2. Anatomical Thumb.
  3. Extended cuff for UV Protection of wrist area.
  4. Finger tip pulls makes it easier to pull off after use.
  5. Fingertip cut for dexterity
  6. Stripping guard-stitched with Dupont® for added strength.
  7. Accordion Finger Grip-Provides better grip and less hand fatigue which means better performance
  8. Diamond Grip™ Palm by Clarino™-Each individual diamond cut provides suction power and extra grip for wet and dry conditions.
  9. Ergonomically shaped palm/fingers-Designed and engineered for natural hand curve position which reduces bunching.
  10. Durable Japanese aquatic synthetic suede-Will hold up to wet conditions better and dries quickly.

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