Monday, July 19, 2010

Lake Audubon Fly Fishing | Client #1

Spent Saturday out on the lake with a client in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Traffic at 0630 on Saturday mornings is perfect. Wish it was always like this. My only delay was waiting for deer to cross Lawyers road. Too me 20 min to get to Reston.

Met Andrew at 0700 at the lake. He is a hard core angler. He fishes all over the country for anything that swims. He told stories about using air conditioners to warm up huts while ice fishing in the winter, driving 7 hours to fish for walleye, catfish, carp, bass, what ever. If it swims, he fishes for it. He uses conventional tackle and now wants to learn to fly fish.

I gave Andrew a basic casting lesson. What he needed to know for today. We could get into more serious and technical casts if he decides to pursue fly fishing. The basic lift the rod like a toll booth arm, wait for that line to straighten behind, drop the rod like a toll booth arm and point the rod where you want the fly to go.

He got the hang of it fairly quickly. I had him set up with a 10' 6wt rod with 8wt line. He was throwing a leader made of 30lb - 20lb - 8lb mono and a huge scorpion bug. We had to work on removing the trained muscle memory of throwing bait and lures. He wanted to lean forward and whip his wrist to throw something like a crank bait. I explained how we are bending the rod to throw the line and that we are not throwing the fly.

He started to get bites right away. He had a bass tournament style hook set and missed several fish in the first 30-40 yards of shore line. I worked with him to slow down that cast and point the rod at the fly so all that was needed was a lift of the rod tip to set the hook. He started catching fish. His casting improved. Time for a dropper. I tied on a damsel dropper and the fishing got better. The bass were taking the damsel and the sunfish were going after the scorpion.

We got to the end of the lake and to the carp. One (or more) were under a dock that had a few inches of clearance. The fish made the loudest noise to get away from us and shot out from under the dock. The wakes moved the boat and we were both startled. We could see their mud clouds each time they were spooked. Too bad none of them were tailing and we could fish for them.

By now we are half done with the trip. Andrew is throwing out lots of line, his leader is straight, he is setting the hook properly and landing fish. I told him in the morning that he would probably land at least 20 fish. He caught at least 20 sunfish and several bass.

Sunfish and bass continue to pound the flies and he looks to be the type of person to buy an outfit and take up fly fishing soon, as in on the way home from the lake.

This was his largest fish of the day


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