Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Humid Casting Lessons

Yesterday was a client reccomended by a former client. How great is that!
We met at the lake (Audubon) and worked on some basic casting. The fish were sipping some bugs and bumping flies but no luck. We decided to fish the tailwater on the otherside of the dam. Charley threw in his fly and the sunnies were on it like wolves on a carcass. It took a while but Charley landed a sunfish. It was the biggest sunfish in the creek too. Bravo. His first fish on a fly.

I went home for some lunch. Leftovers from Jordans 8. Walked the hound and took off to scope out Accotink for today's casting lesson. I loaded the bike on the back of the car and drove off. Got to the lake and rode up the road. I saw a bunch of guys on the dam and no water flowing over. I got up to the top of the hill and was quite supprised to see that the lake was empty. It was drained to work on the dam.

The I now had a view of a muddy bowl that was a lake a month ago. I learned that this lake is about waist deep across the whole thing. Never knew that. Herons and an egret worked the drying up pools and trickle of water flowing through. Well, there goes my plan to cast. I rode the loop around the lake for some exercise. There were two deer out in the mud eating some plants on what would normally be an island. I headed to the post office to mail off a custom fly order and got home to e-mail today's clients to change location.

Today's clients were an adorable couple. They are going to Idaho soon and needed to learn to cast their new rods. They too were recommended by a former client. We started with casting in grass to frisbees and then moved to the boat ramps at Gravelly Point. The tide was going out so we moved to the duck pond outflow and worked the water. I love seeing how a person can go from having no idea what they are doing to casting out line, roll casting, and being confident in just an hour. Sharron was throwing out line and had bait fish jumping out of the water to escape being eaten. Gene worked the water and smoothed out his casting. We caught a lot of trees on the back casts and one clam. No fish.

It was a beautiful morning to be out and I hope they catch some fish in Idaho. Ok, back to work.


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