Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fish Throwing Hooks

This was Lorelee's first time fly fishing and she could have fooled me. Smooth and silent casting, minimal effort, perfect timing. We worked the shores of Lake Audubon which were super saturated with mud from the dredging project. The lake was totally off color. She threw scorpion bugs and damsel nymphs against the shore, docks, and boats. This was her first fish on a fly rod as far as I know. She had an audience too of a man walking his dog. Both were just as excited with her fish as we were.

She hooked into one fish that at first did not realized it was hooked. I'm thinking it was a catfish or a big bass. The fish never showed itself but when it realized it was hooked, it zig-zagged (sp?) all over the shallows, slicing water with the leader. The fish threw the hook and that was all we saw of it. I am confident she would have caught a whole lot more fish if the water was not so stained with mud and full of junk floating up from the bottom of the lake. As for the fish that did take the fly, a whole lot of them threw the hook. Not sure if they were biting the rubber legs, tail, or what. It was not just the scorpion, they were throwing the damsel too.

The banks were in full bloom with hibiscus, pickerel weed, cardinal flower, black-eyed susans, sand ragweed. Lots of butterflies, some unidentified ducks, herons, and spiders and crickets dropping on me when backed into the plants. No sign of the whistler.

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