Thursday, July 8, 2010

Casting Lesson For Brookies

A former client, Matt, called me up to take out his friend. They were going brookie fishing and his friend needed to learn to cast, roll cast to be specific. Matt also wanted an order of damsel nymphs as he found the ones I gave him to be awesome. I tied him up some tiny foam ants too as those are great for brookies.

I met them at the boat ramp in Reston around 6pm. The lake is going to be drained soon to get out all of the sand and silt that flows in from the roads. This includes all the tons of sand from the recent blizzards.

We worked on some knots as Matt wanted to be sure he could tie on tipped and make leaders from mono on his trip. We tied perfection loops and tripple surgeon loops. Matt was ready to go fish the shore solo while I took out Dylan. Matt saw my box of scorpion bugs and had to have a few of those too. I was glad to make another fly sale.

We worked on the basic roll cast and forward cast at the boat ramp and I said forget this, we can practice from the boat AND catch fish. 

We shoved off and I paddled Dylan around the shore, clockwise. He was set up with a 9' 6wt rod with weight forward line, 9 foot straight mono leader and a scorpion bug. We worked on timing of the cast, working with line on the water, and setting the hook. He was landing about 1 fish for every 4 missed. Not bad for a first time with a fly rod. Setting the hook is not easy on a fly rod as you learn line management and keeping slack out of the rod.

We had gone about 3/4 of a mile when something hit his fly and the rod bent. Not bad for your first bass on a fly rod. How does a picture get this over exposed on a point at shoot at dusk? Is it really me or is my camera a piece of junk?

We went around a few more pontoons and docks and Dylan was catching fish. We crossed the lake and did the same. Light was fading and we needed to get back. We both had road trips in the morning.

Dylan landed this fish and stated that I was a good instructor. This made my day. Day light and time were up. I was confident that Dylan would do fine in the mountains. His biggest issue is going to be roll casting in the brush. The fish won't be the same size but they sure will be pretty.

We beached the canoe and I watched Matt's casting. He has made huge improvements since our first lesson. Nice timing, greater distance, aim etc.

Ok, time to pack for New York.



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