Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bass Pond Fun

Temps near one hundred did not stop us from fishing. Think about that temperature, it is hotter than your body temperature. Hot enough to cook you. At that temperature your proteins can start to denature and your insides could turn to mush.

I'm going to throw this image up on my fly - food - fish page. I want to tie some baby swallow flies to fish under bridges. These birds fall out all the time. The nest a few feet away had a dead bird underneath that was being eaten by ants. If that bird had fallen into a trout stream it would have been eaten by a big old trout.

Here is a dragonfly shuck. The protein shell that the immature (larvae) lived in for months to years under water. Then the bug crawled up the grass and popped out of its skin, bore wings, and flew off. Mike accidentally caught one of the big dragonflies. It got wrapped around his tippet. He fought the bug in and I tried to untangle it. The thing bit me repeatedly. I have been bitten by some strange things before, like a baby lion in Namibia and a mangrove snapper in the Keys. Add dragonfly to the list.
Of course the dragonfly broke free and flew off before we could photograph it.

Here are some sunfish checking out my tiny foam ant. They were very excited to look at it but not bite it. It was not until we put on my foam damsel adult that they attacked.

Sitting under the awning of a porch over the water I noticed a big old largemouth waiting for something to fly by or fall in the water. The bass had been leaping out of the water all morning to take the dragonflies.

Mike cast his 6wt rod with a scorpion bug on it and the fish took the fly on the first or second cast. I can't remember, it was all too exciting.

He had the fish on and it threw the fly. We tied on a  barbed fly and he re-cast and the fish took the second offering (scorpion bug) and the fight was on.

Mike had to get the bass out of the weeds. He had already lost one bass which broke him off on 8lb mono tippet. The knot did not break, it was the mono about 6 inches above the knot. So we knew we had some big and strong fish.

Getting tangled in all of the weeds would increase the chance of loosing this fish. Mike put up a solid fight and landed the bass. It was much bigger than it appeared in the water.

Speaking of things falling in the water, every step along the shore produced a flurry of hoppers. This one landed in the water and I got its mug shot as it swam back to shore.


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