Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup > Fishing

DC United home games and World Cup matches > going fishing.
I did not have any clients this past weekend so time was spent watching footy.

The afternoon started off with a trip to the craft stores as I do most Fridays. I picked up some fuzzy, maroon colored yarn for mulberry flies. Next stop was to get a smart phone. A picturesque sunset over the Potomac for our drive into the city. Can you spot the plane as it approaches gravelly point?

Friday's games were a good introduction with Friday night spent at cousin Ari's restaurant. I had the Bowtie pasta with sautéed porcini mushrooms, garlic, parsley and a touch of parmesan cheese. It was awesome. THW ordered Cannelloni Mascarpone e Funghi. The food and drink were awesome. We decorated a plate for the wall and drew royal coachmen around the edge. Our reservation was at 9:30 so we were out later than I like. 

Here are some images from the restaurant. I would have normally taken food pics but this phone is new and I did not know how to use the flash. Anyway, here is Ari in the open kitchen. 
Up early and off to Kittys at 0830. Some of the kids were already there and the table was covered in empty strongbow cans. The worst thing  you can see during a world cup feed is the blue screen of death.

I took a break after the Argentina game and strolled up to Orvis Arlington to pick up my new Buff Pro Angler Series Gloves.  Courthouse and Clarendon were full of footy fans all decorated in hats, scarves, jerseys, and flags as they celebrated the greatest sporting event ever. 

Javier and Dan were working. Trent was working with them now. He's the guy who caught the 30" snakehead at chain bridge.

Javier grabbed my gloves from the back and I sniffed around. There was a dude in there who was preparing for a trip to Florida. He was boasting of his trip and got a little defensive when I asked about Boca Grande, "its around Boca Grande, its in Florida, north of there, on the gulf coast". Dude, I took geography, spend vacations for most of my life in Florida, worked down there, and know the manager of a shop there. And I fish. He didn't have to be all snotty with me. I was just there to hang out and spend some money at the local shop. I think he was wearing brown flip flops.

Dan was putting bimini twists on this guys reels. Trent and I watched for several minutes as Dan wound the backing onto the spools and then knotted them. I had never seen bimini like this. Then again, Dan is an encyclopedia of fly fishing and he shows me something new each time I see him. That shop is lucky to have him. I managed to snap a few pics of Dan's knots with the new phone before dropping off an old reel for repairs. A large arbor with no drag is nothing more than a paperweight. 

I returned to Kitty's just in time for USMNT coverage. The outside temp was around 90 and not much cooler in the pub. I needed a few pints to cool off. Glad I brought my Tervis Big T.

THW showed up and stayed on the patio. She shows about the same interest in fishing as she does football. A draw with USMNT and England was better than a loss. We finished the night at a friends house having drinks in the hot tub.

dr jones was running through our friends backyard and romping through the plants. He chased after me as I ran across a foot bridge over their little pond. dr jones had never seen lily pads before and probably thought they were the plants growing on the rest of the yard. So he jumped onto them and immediately sank. There was a gap in the pads where he entered and he popped up with his fluff-less white head through the plants. He had to be fished out and proceed to run all over their yard trying to dry off. For a dog that does not like being wet, this was the first time he had gone in the drink with out my help. One of the funniest things I've ever seen.


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