Thursday, June 3, 2010

Video Podcast

So the hot wife (THW) admitted she does not read this blog. Does anybody? If its not about celebrity gossip or food, it is no good to her. I can't complain because she took me to the French Embassy the other night and Finland tomorrow.

I need to tie up a bunch of top water flies for this weekend's casting lesson and canoe trip. I will also need to get out and monitor the stream flows on Holmes Run in Alexandria for a casting lesson in two weeks. It is going to be a busy weekend with world cup and consulting. 

Finally, I was able to record a fly tying tutorial to go with my fly tying podcast. The light is late afternoon so there are some long shadows. The neighbors were having some kind of raucous get together on their porch which delayed my recording. I was having trouble figuring out where to place the camera for the best perspective of the fly tier. Let me know if it sucks and needs to be recorded again.


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