Monday, June 28, 2010

Preparing For This Weekends Bachelor Party

No, not my bachelor party. I am already married. Speaking of bachelor parties and my wedding, THW still owes me a rain check for a bachelor party. We didn't do anything.

Ok, enough of that. I have a group of 6-7 this weekend on the Potomac. Mission, smallies. I wanted to get out to the location as I have not fished it this season. Needed to check on water levels, clarity, exposed structure etc.

I crossed the rte 15 bridge and geared up. The sun was still behind the trees so I could not see into the water. I walked up stream to try and find some access as the parking lot had a family working the water. Md side was looking plausible. I found one entrance to the river which required me to scramble down a hill on exposed roots. Not the kind of entry a client should use. The cool water was a respite from the hot and humid air. I managed one bite on the scorpion bug (the one Charlene used yesterday). As mentioned above, I could not see into the water. I was hesitant to wade in. I played around on shore and found a piece of submerged bark with snails, mayfly larvae, and scuds attached. I'm not a super fan of my camera but took some pics anyway.

Since the camera is waterproof (about the only good thing about it, the thing takes over-exposed pictures no matter what the setting) I put it in and snapped a few shots of the net-building caddis.

I decided to sniff out the Va side, climbed back up the roots, and made my way back to the car.
There were several large fish flashing their scales out in the middle. The camera is crap so take my word for it:

I cross the Potomac and drive past the Va boat ramp for a few minutes. Pandora is on the smart phone and I want to explore a bit of country road. I make a u-turn and see a bunch of ripe raspberries on the side of the road. Good thing I brought an empty Nalgene just for foraging. I worked the plants for a few minutes and got the bottle 2/3 full. Props to my fishing gloves, no thorns in the fingers. THW will be so happy. We can freeze them and drop them into Cava, make a sauce reduction out of them, or just eat them as they are. Nom Nom Nom.

Enough shenanigans, time to fish. I get back in the car and head toward the river. I pass a small field and see a turkey on the edge. I stop and snap a picture. Now you already know I'm not a fan of this camera. Another issue is it takes to long to start up. So I'm ready to take the bird's mug shot and the camera is still warming up. Here you can see the turkey going back into the woods. Take my word for it, its there.

As I get back into my car I notice another stand of raspberry plants. I get out and start picking. One thing about raspberries is they are just that, plural. Each individual sphere is a unique fruit. What we call the raspberry is a cluster or conglomeration of fruits, an inflorscence. The flower on the end of the stem ripens first and thus that fruit forms first. So the fruit on the end of the stem is the oldest and thus the most ripe. I went for those first. The Nalgene was now full. THW will be stoked. I love when there is free food at the office. Ps, roast turkey with raspberry coulis sounds good eh? Until Google comes up with scratch and sniff blogs, this will have to do. 

Enough screwing around, I need to find out what is going on with the river, I have clients in a few days. I have the Va lot to myself and walk down to the water. The sun lights up the water and I can see individual grains of sand and clam shells. A tree full of vultures creeps me out but I tread on.

The wading is easy and I can see fish in the water and those jumping out. There is plenty of room to back cast. The clients will have a good time.

I wade out a few hundred yards and work the deep pools below the bridge. I managed two nice smallies and was able to photograph one.
Underwater shot

The fish were eager to take flies and put up a good fight. The scenery was pastoral and calm until the clouds rolled in. Dark clouds this time of year = thunder. I'll fish any weather but lightening. The sky opened up and I go the hell out of there. That storm followed me to Leesburg, Tysons Corner, and back home.

The forecast does not include storms for Saturday morning. These guys will have a good time. Hopefully they will all want to get into the fly fishing lifestyle and the bride to be may become a fishing widow.


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