Monday, June 21, 2010

Metropolitan Angling Lessons

We were out on the water before the heat set in on Saturday morning. A husband and wife team who are interested in fly fishing. We went over the casting basics, flipped over some rocks and found snails, caddis, midges, and mayflies. Damsels and dragons filled the air. This stream appears to be quite healthy. All of this within earshot of an airport, train tracks, and major urban thoroughfare.

Forty minutes of casting lesson allowed the couple to sneak up to a waterfall and apply what they learned. The water was surprisingly cool and clear. We wet waded up to the boulders and began to cast. Sunfish and bass chased the damsel nymphs with each strip of the line and twitch of the rod tip.

Our biggest issue with landing fish was setting the hook. The clients were able to see the fly disappear into the fish's mouth but were unable to set the hook. The wife missed several fish but eventually got the hang of it. She set the hook on one fish too hard and the fish was launched behind us. 

The mimosa trees were in full bloom and provide shade over classic pocket water:

Sunfish will always be one of my favorite target fish. Strong fighters, willing to eat, beautiful colors, and a great introductory species for beginners:

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