Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Light Cahill or. Tim Cahill ?

Sunday's plan was to be like this: brunch at parents house --> fish --> Germany v. Australia --> fish --> make groceries --> go home and sleep.

dr jones and I found some free fly tying material on our morning walk:

THW made us late to brunch so fishing was put off till later. Delicious tortilla (think of an omlette with cooked potatoes in it, served in Spain). We finished rather late and the clouds were building as they do this time of year. The sky got very dark and I was not about to wheel the canoe and gear down to the lake and set out and chance being caught in a storm.

We hunkered down for the game. Still can not believe Cahill got ejected from that game. Sure he was late in the tackle and got legs not ball but come one.

I spent half time in the backyard debating about taking out the boat. The wind had picked up and the sky was switching from ominous to blue bird. Speaking of birds, I found this turkey feather in the backyard.That is the second turkey feather I have found in Reston. Cool find no?

The heat was tolerable but the humidity made being outside rather unpleasant. Sweat does not evaporate off the skin if the amount of moisture in the air is greater than that on your skin. Evaporation causes a cooling effect. Your body can not maintain its normal internal body temperature if evaporation is prevented. Being overheated and electrocuted was not how I wanted to spend the afternoon.

Some friends showed up for the final 15 min plus stoppage. They brought snacks, nice. Germany destroyed the Socceroos and the game was over. It was now around 5pm and too late to fish --> make groceries --> go home. We took the hound out for a walk. I chose the trail along Audubon's tailwater. We stood on the hill above the first pool after the dam and could see large bass and sunfish swimming around and chasing each other. I should have brought my 1wt. We continued along my childhood playground and came across all sorts of asters, sunflowers, berries, solomons seal, jack-in-the-pulpit, chicory, and a variety of other wildflowers. Vernal pools were drying up and the remaining tadpoles were huddled in the 'deepest' locations.

The heat was too much for dr jones so I picked him up and put him over my shoulders like a shot boar. He is a total wus. We worked our way back to the trailhead and I spotted a crayfish house on the side of the trail, in the middle of a dried up vernal pool.
We stopped by the boat ramp and enjoyed the breeze coming off the lake. Everyone was complaining about the heat so we headed back to the parental unit's house.

Footy has taken over my urge to fish for the second day in a row. I'll try to get out next weekend between matches.

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