Monday, June 21, 2010

I Smell Like A Pretty Girl While Getting Skunked

I spend a lot of time and effort to prevent skin exposure to the sun while fishing. I cover my hands, face, head, legs, arms, feet etc with clothing and sunscreen. Yet I spend the afternoon at the pool with THW and friends with skin exposed. I forgot to re-apply after going in the pool. I woke up in pain.

I woke up with red arms, chest, and thighs. The plan is to drop THW off at the airport and hit up gravelly point. A day in the sun. I grab the wife's jar of after sun deep aqua cooling body souffle body lotion creme stuff and lather it on. Now I smell like a pretty girl. 

I arrive at the parking lot and ride the skateboard down to the boat ramp. I climb out onto the dock and look upstream. I have the whole place to myself. Good, no one will bust my chops for smelling like a pretty girl.
I move around the marsh and to the fishing spot, drop off the gear, and enter the river. I"m tying on a fly and feel something tickling my leg. I look down to find one of those urticating hair caterpillars. If  you don't know what I'm talking about, listen to my podcast on entomology. Click the RSS link to the right -->

Water is rushing out of the duck pond as the last of the tide change occurs.

I'm throwing a curly tail bunny. Nothing. I switch to a braid worm. Nothing. I see a few baitfish busting the surface and cast over them. Nothing. I tie on a damsel nymph dropper. Nothing. Are the fish laughing at me? Is my sassy scent scaring the fish? What is going on. I'm throwing into the current, working seams, working the slack water, stripping, dead drifting, and more. Not a single tug on the end of my line.

I put on a clouser and still no fish. The tide is now starting to come back in after a few hours. I have to move my gear to higher ground. Its getting hot now and I'm soaked with sweat. The smell is now spreading out with the sweat beads. I finally get a tug on the end of my line. I strip in and think I've snagged some baitfish. I can't even do that.

I snagged someone's rubber baitfish jig:
Now I'm just bummed out. I have been casting and working the water for hours and not a single fish. I decide to switch locations.

I get on the longboard and set out on the Mt Vernon Trail. I already smell like a pretty girl, now I'm on a 40" skateboard, I have on a huge hat, holding a 12' switch rod, wearing gloves, and have a huge bag slung around my shoulder. People are staring at me. I'm used to it. I'm also reminded of how much of a wus I am.

I am not a fan of fast paced sports, fast cars, or boats. I get scared going downhill on my cross country skis on the golf course, I could not ride on the back of a scooter, I get freaked out if the skateboard goes to fast.
I'm now cruising on a 1% slope on the Mt. Vernon trail and getting nervous. I want to bail and dive into the grass. My biggest fears are falling and getting hurt, my skateboard going into a biker, or the skateboard flying off into the river. The trail flattens out and I calm down. I can now cruise at a slow pace and work on my skating skills.

I ride a couple miles north and fish a marina outflow. Nothing. I pack up and skate back to the car to end my day.

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