Thursday, June 24, 2010

Environmental Benefits Of Working At Home

 Here is a list of environmental benefits of working at home:
  1. Electricity  
    • I can use my phone to check e-mail, web hits, and social media instead of using a computer which is either asleep or off
    • I am not stuck in a cube with constant overhead flouresent lights, computer air conditioning, printer, fax etc running 24/7
    • My home office is lit by windows now until 7:30 pm
    • I can regulate the thermostat and lights based on my needs, not my co-workers
  2. Water 
    • Less laundry and dry cleaning. No more suits to the office, slacks, button downs, under shirts, and socks to wash. I can wear shorts, a shirt, and flip flops every day
    • A shower is not required every morning if I'm working in the guest room
    • Fewer dishes and plastic containers to wash since not brown bagging
    • No more water wasting industrial toilets
  3. Paper 
    • No more needless waste of paper "we are not in the business of saving paper" said my former boss
    • No more disposable paper towels
  4. Gas 
    • No more commuting
    • No more sitting in traffic wasting fuel
    • I can run errands and go to the gym during the day when there is less traffic
  5. Food 
    • I can rely on whats in the cupboards, fridge, leftovers, etc
    • I do not need to prepare 2 meals per day as I can eat leftovers
    • I require less corn store purchases as I do not need as many ingredients to prepare those meals
    • I am about to go pick raspberries along the golf course edge


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