Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beer Lanyards & DC United @ RFK Stadium

Another hot June day in Washington D.C. and the best way to cool off is in the shade of a giant pinoak tree in Lot 8 at RFK stadium for a DC United match. Cases of cold beer rested on ice in a variety of coolers. I took advantage of a freshly paved and empty parking lot with my Arbor longboard. I spent the early afternoon cruising up and down lot 8 with a cold beer in my lanyard. Check out that action shot with the lovely Anacostia river in the background. The river's eddy's are full of plastic bottles and junk. It is gross. However, a large drake landed on me during the game and it most likely came from the poo smelling river. That is a good sign. 

With the outbreak of a fierce game of cornhole it became evident that holding your beer just would not do. I sold a handful of beer lanyards to the tailgate participants. One of the buyers decided to cook some brats on the hot coals that were dumped out in the parking lot. We do not occupy the paved section of lot 8, we go with the mud, gravel, bottle cap, and grass portion that is home to La Barra Brava. 

I opted out of drumming tonight so I could jump and sing more. I missed Jaime Moreno joining the drummers.

The match result was nil-nil. Perkins got a shutout and RFK lived to host another match. No post-match festivities for me as I had to get up early for a casting and guiding trip.


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