Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bart! Get out of the Spirit of St. Louis!

Q: How does THW's job relate to fly rod construction?
A: Carbon fiber.

We were invited to a reception and movie screening at the National Air and Space Museum last night hosted by Boeing. We walked up the red carpet and picked up our name badges and made our way to the west side of the museum for a cocktail reception. The wife ordered me a Johnny Walker Black while I chatted up the band - the same band that played our wedding seven years and one week ago.

We worked the buffet tables and grabbed a seat by the Airbus display. We chatted with representatives from the Embassy of India, Embassy of Denmark, and a gentleman from England. We ate and drank under the airplanes and walked amongst the displays. It was time for the 3D Imax.

There was a segment about making the wings and other plane materials extremely lightweight, durable, and bendable. Their answer was carbon. The movie had 3D carbon atoms that formed a lattice. The narrator explained how carbon can be formed into graphite sheets and coated in resin to make it the perfect material for aviation construction. Carbon atoms were wizzing by and the electrons lighting up in a variety of colors. This segment could have been a scene from a fly rod blank factory tour. The computer graphics were awesome and 3D made the whole experience that much cooler.

We saw all sorts of stuff about flight, aerodynamics, etc. The movie was over and it was time for a glass of bubbly and some chocolate mousse. We spoke to the director about the filming location, methods, and budget. The crowd was thinning out and we decided to visit cousin Ari at his new restaurant, Acqua Al 2 in Eastern Market.

We stopped in and had a drink and a tour. The place was extremely cozy and looked as if it had been there for years. We bumped into Karen and Clyde and made a reservation for an upcoming dinner.

Who knew a night on the town could relate to fly fishing?



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