Sunday, May 9, 2010

Snakeheads !!

Wow, what a day. One of the most memorable days on the river in 30+ years. Started off at an eddy above Chain Bridge and had to cast between baby ducks and big blue herons. Got one schoolie striper on the swing. At this point I am thinking the stories of snakeheads in the river at this section is hogwash.

I decided to move down. I rock hopped to the next eddy down stream and started casting. Got a small white perch on a damsel nymph right away. Then out of nowhere a huge silvery head comes out of the depths, turns to the side, mouth agape and gulps a breath. As soon as this fish came up, the tail slapped the surface as if a bowling ball had been heaved in the water. The snakehead was gone as soon as it arrived. I would estimate the fish at 30" to comply with the other sightings. It was huge, no less than 2'.

I proceeded to catch several more white perch and some HUGE black crappie. The snakeheads proceeded to gulp air all over this pool and my goal of catching one on a fly came a bit closer to happening. We had to take off for mother's day. You will know where to find me until I report one was chain bridge landed and photographed.


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