Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hungover after a D.C. United Loss

I returned to the Potomac to again try and land a snakehead. I was distracted on the way to the river by carp mudding in the C&O Canal. There is not much water in the canal right now and the water is already brown. I spotted one carp swimming by the surface and cast to it. The fish turned its head toward my fly and I lost visual on the fish. No luck. I continued down the towpath and saw another group mudding. I cast my damsel and clouser combo in the mud and got a crappie. My guess is the crappie was in there to eat whatever the carp were kicking up. Here is a video of the event:

And here are some photos of a net made from trash from the river. I'm not sure where someone learns how to do this. It looks like it would work for scooping out some migratory fish.
home made trash netghetto net

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