Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gravelly Point

Spent the late morning fishing with my unruly hound at Gravelly Point.

Tide was outgoing and not much in the way of fish biting was going on. The hound had separation anxiety and refused to be tethered to a picnic table more than a few feet away from me. His high pitched barks were
not welcomed by those enjoying the weather.

A fishing excursion turned into a casting excursion. We fished long enough for the wife to run a few miles into the city and back. We then had lunch at Liberty Tavern one of our favorite spots. Spent the afternoon  working on dragonfly fishing products and later sold a few beer lanyards at the New Zealand Embassy (the wife's job gets me into some cool places)

gravelly point
gravelly point 
dr jones 
gravelly pointgravelly point


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