Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snakeheads on display, Casting Call @ Fletchers

The Jim Range National Casting Call and Family & Youth Casting Callat Fletchers which was brought to us by the AmericanFly Fishing Trade Association.Project Healing Waters wounded warrior + Shad and more....

hickory shad
project healing waters shad
project healing waters shad  potomac snakehead 
potomac sturgeon
  dan davala and trent jones tidal potomac fly rodders potomac sturgeon  potomac snakehead tidal potomac fly rodders logo by todd kim  brad gentner virtual fly fishing
award ceremony  standing room only award ceremony  award ceremony award ceremony  the po-po virtual fishing project healing waters wounded warrior poking snakehead  potomac snakeheadsnakehead  snakehead mouthpotomac white perch  potomac white perch

rob snowhite potomac american shad  potomac ternfamily tyes kid with shad  leaping shad bbq reception  the davala family dan + virginia davala  leaping shad the kid lands an anchor  family tyes family tyes + TPFR volunteers  dan davala + joe humphreys brad gentner caught a shad this big  40+ fish on conventional tackle family tyes + TPFR volunteers
potomac tributary

todd kim  potomac blue catfish  potomac blue catfish two handed fly fishing techniques  rio skagit line  rio skagit casting  steve two-handed casting    potomac trib  dc is beautiful fletchers cove + paula  C&O canal tunnel
c&o canal sunfishus youth fly fishing team casting instruction

C&O canal fishing
us youth fly fishing team casting lessonshad plank
C&O canal bass
dan davala
fff federation of fly fishers virtual fishing
crayfish of maryland
C&O canal fishingfamily and youth casting call


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