Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out of hiding

Wow, a whole month since I updated? I've busy not fishing. Last year I was interviewed by a local radio station during my commute home. My voice did not sound too bad on the radio. A few weeks later the MikeO'Meara Show came back to life in the form of a daily podcast. I started thinking about all of the fly fishing podcasts I listen to, my brief radio interview, and my passion for fly fishing. I decided to start my own fly fishing oriented podcast. I talked to Robb (not a typo, he has the letter b twice in his name) and he gave me some podcasting advice. From there I started writing notes, researching podcasting online, and preparing to record my first episode.

The reason I have not posted is because I have been terribly busy with the podcast stuff. I have spent more time at this desk (computer) than the one to my left (fly tying). I have not wet a line since Colorado. Throwing a line has been replaced with cross country ski outings on the golf course. We also have a few feet of snow on the ground here in a which makes getting to a stream a bit more difficult. Try recording a podcast during a blizzard and have the power go out before your last save. Not fun. Lots of trial and error has resulted in two recordings.

I have the first two podcasts up here and itunes have storyboards drafted for several more. I am now working on the visual aids and links to go along with S01E02 Entomology. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing the evolution of the podcast endeavor. The quality should get better the more I record and edit.Tom is on his way out in a few weeks which should make for some fun. I'll try to get a rod building podcast interview out of him.

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