Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 fishing catalogs

Several 2010 fly fishing catalogs have started to fill my mailbox. I've looked forward to the new catalogs since I was in high school. Get as many copies of different catalogs as you can and read, read, read over the products, flies and their names, and what is new for 2010.

I have started my fly tying for the Colorado trip. Lots of tiny flies, so tiny in fact that the bead heads I have are slipping past the hook eye and falling off! I have not tied this small in a while and it takes a few flies to get back into rhythm.

So far I have tied a mix of midge larvae and emergers, some mysis shrimps (my college roommate insisted that shrimp be written and spoken as plural) and tiny eggs. I'll start my streamer box this weekend and add some tube flies next week.

There are 2 separate casting lessons this weekend. I am very excited to teach someone to cast when they are willing to put up with temps in the teens. Saturday's lesson got moved to Sunday which means I will be able to have Saturday lunch with the wife at The Liberty Tavern.

Last on today's entry is the update to my custom fly order form: click here to order flies

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