Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breckenridge Jan 20-24

fly frozen to reel
I spent most of last week out in Breckenridge, Colorado fishing with Tom.

I spent the first day traveling (0430-1650est) and got in too late to fish. I sniffed around the Blue in Silverthorne and met a guy who was doing the same. I gave him some of my flies to try and in return he gave me a tall boy of Pilsner Urquell. That is good fishing moves!

Tom and I fished the Colorado, Blue, Roaring Fork, and Frying Pan rivers. The temperature was very cold with more snow as the week went on. The first day on the Colorado had temps in the single digits and my wet tube fly froze to my reel upon contact.

Tom caught several nice browns on midges and nymphs at the Colorado. Those fish had huge tails and will hopefully grow up to be pigs. I got one brown on my tube fly-catching a fish on my tube flies was a goal for this year. We switched rivers to the Blue and did not find any action. I don't think we even saw a fish. I took out the seine and camera gear and we got some nice bug shots.

We had a scary drive over to the Roaring Fork as snow had fallen the night before and I70 was a skating rink. I was distracted by the snow covered landscape and was not watching the road. Tom took a few fish on the 'Fork and I had one fish tug at a streamer. We moved on up to the Frying Pan and fished the section below the 'toilet bowl'. Lots of fish were busting the surface for emergers. I've seen fish sip bugs before but these fish were breaching the water.

Tom took a nice brown on a Barr's meat whistle while I had several hits on my Bacon fly and tube flies. I had fun watching them chase and nip at my flies and not landing a fish was not a disappointment. We moved up to the toilet bowl just as the sun dipped behind the mountains. I put on a tandem mysid shrimp rig and while tying it up, a guy walks from below us and steps right in front of us at the outflow. That is bad fishing moves

We headed home and Tom slept the whole way. I think that is the first time someone else has driving him fishing since he moved out West.

Tom's wife Marla joined us for dinner along with some of the wife's friends. I then learned that Tom has been creating his own line of fountain pens and cigar punches. He never ceases to amaze me. You can now have a custom  pen to match the custom reel seat on your custom rod!

I fished solo the next day in the snow. The skies were dumping and I took off to the Blue again, South of Kremmling. No luck on the Blue so I moved to the Colorado. The parking lots were filled (one car is filled in my books) so I kept driving and did some exploring. The Williams Fork area was wide open and the snow was falling. I had the place to myself.

williams fork  williams fork  post holing

I parked at a lot and followed a pair of tracks down, across, around, and kept going through fields and had to post hole most of the way. I moved several nice fish on a Bacon fly but none took the hook. I fished for several hours and never put on a jacket as I was sweltering from my long hike. I had a cold beer and walked back. No luck fishing the holes that had moved fish earlier.

I made my way over to what used to be called the BurgerBarn in Kremmling for some lunch, then drove back to Breck in time to meet some friends at Quandry Grille and then settled back at the house for a few drinks and a salad (??)

The way back started early (0400) and ended late (2200) and I think I'm going to drive next time.

I also noticed today that the Fly Fishing FilmTour will be in the D.C. March  30.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 fishing catalogs

Several 2010 fly fishing catalogs have started to fill my mailbox. I've looked forward to the new catalogs since I was in high school. Get as many copies of different catalogs as you can and read, read, read over the products, flies and their names, and what is new for 2010.

I have started my fly tying for the Colorado trip. Lots of tiny flies, so tiny in fact that the bead heads I have are slipping past the hook eye and falling off! I have not tied this small in a while and it takes a few flies to get back into rhythm.

So far I have tied a mix of midge larvae and emergers, some mysis shrimps (my college roommate insisted that shrimp be written and spoken as plural) and tiny eggs. I'll start my streamer box this weekend and add some tube flies next week.

There are 2 separate casting lessons this weekend. I am very excited to teach someone to cast when they are willing to put up with temps in the teens. Saturday's lesson got moved to Sunday which means I will be able to have Saturday lunch with the wife at The Liberty Tavern.

Last on today's entry is the update to my custom fly order form: click here to order flies