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Monday, November 5, 2018

213 | John Montana Carp

Rob interviews John Montana Carp. They discuss the development of the Hybrid Carp Fly, how to choose the best fly for your local carp, how to stealthily approach these wary fish, sight casting to sturgeon, and lots more.

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Monday, October 22, 2018

212 | Pumpkin Spice Fishing | Fall Turnover In D.C.

Episode 212. Rob talks about the changing season after a rainy summer. The sights and smells of autumn, tactics for targeting different species, preparing for fall steelhed, and more.

Produced by Freestone Media.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Prepping To Guide After Month Off From Rains

Got a MacBook and I can now type from the couch. More blogging to come hopefully.

We've had a seriously messed up year with rain and floods. I have not worked since August. Today is the 5th of October. I have clients lined up all of the long holiday weekend. I had a lot to get ready and waited until today to do so. Just so happens that my kid is home with Strep throat and wanted to be waited on all day.

This is a list of what I had to do to prep for a long weekend.

First up was cleaning and organizing flies in three boxes in my day pack. Tossing out melted worms or cutting off material to re-use hook, putting flies back in the right spot, cutting off tippet and dropper knots. Most of this was done on the kitchen counter. Don't tell.

I tied a dozen purple wormies, dozen HNIC, half a dozen Clousers, and fixed up some poppers. The flies then had to be organized back into the three boxes.

I prepped three five weights, two six weights, and one eight weight. One six weight was hiding in the laundry room. I tore apart my car, boat, office, laundry room, and garage looking for an eight weight. After half an hour or so I realized it was in the shop being repaired after it came apart in Cape Cod. I received a call today from Orvis Tysons that my rod had arrived today. I feel like I was a dog chasing its tail. Switch rod packed for two-handed casting in afternoon.

Tippets were cut off and replaced, new leaders tied from scratch. Flies tied to tippets.

Fly Line
An eight weight reel needed new line. I nail knotted a loop on the backing end and on the end. Its from the bulk of spare lines I have in my closet. Some from pre-welded loop technology. The line then had to be spooled up. Sink tips prepared for Sunday and Monday's clients.

I picked up an eyeglass repair kit at CVS today. Repaired a pair of polarized glasses. Put them and kit in bag. Cleaned out old tippet, broken worm pieces, wrappers, and a used bandage. Fly boxes, tippet spool box, and a box of Triscuits were packed. Bag in boat.

Boat was cleaned with leaf blower and shop vac. Battery charged. Wiring checked as I may be riding home in the dark tomorrow.

I started wearing a fanny pack while gardening this summer so my phone is clean and doesn't get crushed. I put my bluetooth head phones in the pack so I can listen while I ride around the airport tomorrow. I'll keep my phone in the bag tomorrow too. The pack was a prop from our tourist costumes from last halloween.

Water bottles filled with ice and water. Cooler jug dug out for extra water.

Friday, September 21, 2018

211 | Sam Looper Visits Fairfax

Sam Looper is talented fly tier using multiple techniques to create world class flies for big fish. He was in town recently and dropped in for dinner and to tie some flies. We recorded live during his tying session. In this episode you will learn some of Sam's tying tips for poppers, his favorite brand of tying scissors, and how to use an airbrush system with Copic pens.

Produced by Jason Reif

Sam says this podcast is brought to you by Dry Fly Distilling.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

210 | Fly Fishing Cape Cod Part 2

The second in a two-part series on fly fishing Cape Cod. Rob begins to understand how the physical geography of the Cape dictates water temperatures, winds, currents, and where the fish feed. A visit to the Goose Humomck, amazing potato salad, and a bass pond in Upstate New York.

New Podcats Episode!

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