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Monday, February 19, 2018

193 | Brook Trout and Quarry and a Culture Of Fly Fishing With Matthew Lourdeau

Fly fishing is more than just catching fish. In this episode Rob and Matthew Lourdeau discuss all things brook trout and what inspires Matthew to write his blog Casting Across.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

192 | The Fly Fishing Show | Edison NJ 2018

The Fly Fishing Show moved from Somerset to Edison this year. Rob had some free time to walk around while tying and demonstrating his flies. Rob introduced his newest pattern, the Bass Siren. Be glad you can't smell the rotten shark eating contest.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

S02E67 Save Our Wild Salmon With Joseph Bogaard

Rob interviews Joseph Bogaard of Save Our Wild Salmon (SOS). They discuss damn removal, salmonid and orca conservation, and much more.

SOS is a coalition of northwest and national conservation organizations, recreational and commercial fishing associations, clean energy and orca advocates, businesses and citizens committed to protecting and restoring abundant, self-sustaining fishable populations of salmon and steelhead to the Columbia-Snake River Basin for the benefit of people and ecosystems.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2018 "Somerset" Fly Fishing Show in Edison, New Jersey

I'm packing my tying kits and gear and heading up tomorrow to Edison. In an hour I will be interviewed by the Wet Fly Swing podcast !

My booth area will be in the back along a wall, adjacent to the food court. I have circled my booth in green:

Please stop by and check in. I want to hear about your urban and suburban fishing adventures, what flies work for you, and where you fish. If you listen to the podcast please let me know!

Have questions about the patterns I tie and guide with? I will have tying kits to tie the following patterns:

  • Snowhite Damsel 
  • Snowhite Bacon Fly
  • Snallygaster
  • Potomac Peanut 
  • New Bass Fly - it is the love child of steelhead flies and bass flies
  • Guttless Frogs
  • Stick Buggers 
  • Bunny Reapers
  • Gar Flies 
  • Scorpion Bug 
Be sure to stock up on hooks at Fly Shack (Saber Brand), check out the SolarEZ booth (Bruce Corwin), see if I will convert to a NorVise (not likely) 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

S01E109 2018 Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival

Live from the 2018 Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival. Rob interviews vendors and talks about his experience at the show. Saturday was very busy with lots of listeners stopping by the booth. Many thanks to Andrew and Zach for helping out. Rob's next appearance will be a the Fly Fishing Show in Edison, NJ. He'll be tying near the food court!

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New Podcats Episode!

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